San Salvador is nightlife central for locals and expats alike. Amidst the plethora of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, La Luna shines as a totally unique hangout.

La Luna is built on the idea of showcasing Salvadorian artist and promoting art in its many forms. The restaurant is always changing as new art exhibitions are brought in. There’s live music every night, from classical music to salsa, jazz, and even folk music. Musicians come from all over the country and even all over Central America. Sometimes there’s poetry readings and even workshops to encourage local art. An upcoming event is the one man theatre act featuring Mexican artist Ermis Cruz.

The charm of La Luna isn’t just their dedication to local art but the great food also. Along with the bar food staples like nachos and cheese platters there are some really interesting offerings. The plato de bocas mixtas has an assortment on cheeses, olives, quail eggs, tomato, cucumber, hearts of palm, and bread sticks. The kicker here is the quail eggs; they make this appetizer totally tasty.

Some other really cool options include the Sopa Azteca which is like a spicy tortilla soup. Another favorite is a Luna creation called the Zangolote, a hot chicken sandwich with avocado, beans and cheese. The atmosphere in this place is perfect for a fun night out with friends or even a night to make new friends. The music, the art and the food come together to celebrate Salvadorian art.

Open for twenty years now, an evening at La Luna is fun and even educational in a way. The truth is that La Luna never disappoints. If you want a fun night out on the town, head right to the moon, La Luna is Buenos Aires, San Salvador.

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    Here is the link:

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    I hope you continue enjoying life in El Salvador (I definitely miss it!!!)

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